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Helpdesk services

A helpdesk is a single point of contact that provides a centralised information and support management service to handle internal or external requests from a company.  Optimize helpdesk services is the first point of contact for customers who have requests.
Our operators will provide you with initial assistance by telephone whenever possible, or immediately forward your request for assistance to the concierge on duty, who will come to your site to resolve your request in the event of an emergency outside working hours
, he will call on the necessary maintenance companies to find the solution together.  After each intervention a report will be written and saved in our data-base in  order to have a follow-up for you.


Why make yourself move or disturb you during the night or holidays? The concierge on duty will take it over.

Our helpdesk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays,  They will answer you in French, Dutch or English.

Our task is limited to basic interventions, in the event of damage, intrusion or theft, the emergency services will take it over, with the concierge until the end of the intervention. Our concierge on are qualified to give first aid.

Some examples of Helpdesk services:

  • Late delivery of parcels

  • A person trapped in the building

  • Problem of access to the building

  • Leakage/damage

  • Blocked garage door 

  • Observation after alarm and call to the guard service or police if necessary

  • ...

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