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Optimize offers companies and private individuals personal assistance and advice.
Services for private persons: cleaning service, dry cleaner, cook, tradesmen, installers, gardeners... Everything is organised for you, in accordance with your wishes.
While you are away, we will keep your home functional and safe, take care of your pets, gardens, plants, pick up your mail.
Optimize offers you the possibility of a multitude of services and a high standard of professional services.
We will help you enjoy your free time without having to worry about anything.

Services for companies: Many companies have found that providing personalized assistance to their employees and customers is a cost-effective way to build customer loyalty and employee well-being.
You will increase the productivity of your employees with our services by relieving them of organisational tasks: reception/receptionist, mail sorting, door opening, building maintenance work, car cleaning, dry cleaning, reservations for shows, hotels, travel, etc.
Optimize offers a range of customised management and personal services to meet all your needs.

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